30" HULK Stack Containers

Strong, injection molded stacking plastic storage containers are ideal to store and organize your large and bulky items. American manufactured extra large stacking bins offer a generous 2-1/2 feet in length to store your larger items. Heavy-duty front, back and side grips allow for easy handling. Optional clear plastic window increases bin capacity and provides a quick view of the bin contents. Optional dividers maximize flexibility and keep contents organized. Wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock keep stacked bins steady and prevent forward shifting. Waterproof bins resist rust and corrosion. Bins are autoclavable up to 250°F and are resistant to extreme cold. Available in Blue, Red and Yellow.

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  • QUS970 Red Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 8-1/4"W x 7"H

  • QUS973 Yellow Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 11"W x 10"H

  • QUS974 Blue Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 16-1/2"W x 11"H

  • QUS984MOB Red Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 16-1/2"W x 11"H* (*14"H with casters)

  • QUS975 Yellow Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 18-1/4"W x 12"H

  • QUS985MOB Blue Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 18-1/4"W x 12"H* (*15"H with casters)

  • QUS976 Red Plastic Containers


    29-7/8"L x 16-1/2"W x 15"H

  • QUS986MOB Yellow Plastic Containers


    29-7/8" x 16-1/2" x 15"* (*18"H with casters)


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