Plastic Storage Bins, Totes & Containers

Plastic storage bins are among the most versatile storage solutions for home and the workplace, and can be used in many different industries to conveniently and affordably store supplies. We specialize in providing many different types of plastic storage containers including medical plastic bins, industrial plastic bins, snap and stack containers, shipping containers, plastic containers for wire shelving and more. Plastic storage containers can easily be nested together when they aren’t in use in order to save space, and can also be stacked when they have contents in them in order to consolidate your storage area. We have bins that are open-faced for your convenience so that you don’t have to un-stack them to find what you’re looking for. And while many of our bins are geared toward all-purpose use, you’ll also find plastic containers in our selection which are suited to a particular industry or purpose. Specialty plastic boxes for medical use, food storage, and other applications are reasonably priced and lightweight, just like all-purpose plastic bins.